How To Build A Powerful Daily Lead Generation System Into Your Online Marketing

Lead Generation Team Meeting

Building a daily lead generation system into your online marketing is arguably the cheapest way to ensure that your sales team have qualified daily leads from which to acquire new clients.

The secret to setting up these lead generation campaigns, is to do it correctly and this is where so many companies fall short.

The most common lead generation mistakes that companies make are:

  • Setting up a Google Adwords campaign that does not lead to the exact and correct information prospects are looking for.
  • Simply pointing your AdWords campaign to your website homepage is very seldom where the prospects will find the product or services they are looking for and this requires them to click around on your website for the right information.
  • The prospects are thus not arriving on the exact pages they are looking for.
  • When they do arrive on the right page, there is no form to complete in order for the transaction to progress and to convert them into a lead.
  • The is also often not an offer on the landing page that the prospect can simply complete.
  • The landing page does not provide sufficient information that the prospect needs and thus they continue their search elsewhere.
  • The prospect is not drawn into a marketing or sales funnel that allows the company to further nurture them.
  • The landing page does not use segmentation to define at what stage of the buyer’s journey the client is at.
  • Companies do not respond to requests from website inquiries in a timely manner.

These mistakes all lead to the company just wasting its money on Adwords and no results or very poor results will be forthcoming.

If you ensure that these items are corrected, running a Google Adwords campaign directly to landing pages will work well for your short term campaigns but you will also need a long term lead generation system running alongside your short term campaigns.

Remember a great lead generation system will always contain these 3 things:

  1. a fantastic offer
  2. placing that offer in front of the right people
  3. a sense of urgency to act now

Now let’s take a look at an example of what a proper long term lead generation funnel should look like:

There are many different funnels that you can use, each with its own specific objectives, for this exercise, I will use the one that currently offers the best results.

The Facebook Newsfeed Advert to Lead Magnet.

The reason we recommend this as you first lead generation campaign, is because Facebook Advertising can be as focussed as Google Adwords but when done correctly works out a lot cheaper on a cost per click basis. It also allows you to attract interest to your products from prospects that may first need to be made aware of your spectacular offering and that would not have necessarily searched for it.

To build this lead generation system you will have to do the following and in this order:

  1. Create a Facebook Newsfeed Advert
  2. Create a Lead Generation landing page where your lead magnet is offered as a download via a form that needs to be completed
  3. Your landing page form needs to be connected to an email marketing service such as Getresponse or Aweber
  4. Once the prospect completes the lead generation form the will be taken to a thank you page
  5. The thank you page contains a powerful offer relating to the lead magnet and informs the prospect that the lead magnet is on its way to them via an email link, they will confirm their opt-in to receive information and emails from you and once they click the opt-in you will divert them to the lead magnet download page
  6. Your download page will provide access to the lead magnet and you may choose to offer a further announced bonus such as a free trial, a coupon, free consultation on the download page too.
  7. The contact/prospect is now included in your follow up series of emails, which continues to provide them with further information on the product, service or topic of the lead magnet and related items.
  8. Your follow-up series should be at least 7 emails long and spread over a period of 10 to 14 days.
  9. You can use tagging to identify how far the prospect has moved down your sales funnel.
  10. Continue to drive the prospect back to the offer and articles on your website via your follow-up series.

On this page, you will find excellent downloadable pdf’s on how to start a business in the UAE free zones, which is a brilliant example of how to use lead magnets.









Leon Swartz

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