How Your Company Can Grow Using Digital Marketing (Even If You Know Nothing About It)

Written by Leon Swartz, digital marketing consultant and CEO of FRONTPAGE Media.

Does your business really need to do digital marketing?

“Our business has been going for over 40 years and has never done any type of digital marketing, are you suggesting that if we do not start now, our company will fail?”

This is the type question I am often asked in company boardrooms at the start of a meeting.

My answer to this question is, no, of course not.

If your company has been going successfully for a long time, it means you probably have great relationships with your clients, supported by excellent products and services.

If you do not do digital marketing, it may limit your growth but it certainly does not mean your company will fail. Plus if you only have to rely on having a small amount of clients, you probably will never need to worry about doing digital marketing.

However, it is often said that the value of a company is determined by the speed at which they can produce revenue and profits.

And the best way to secure the longevity of your company is to focus on market domination, digital marketing will help you achieve that because digital marketing is not about sustaining your business, it is about growing it effectively using the best online tools, resources, applications and marketing methods available.

Before I go to any new client, I will always do market research on how many active Google searches there are per month for my prospective client’s products or services, which helps me determine the digital shelf space and marketing viability for their products.

So, when I present my keyword research and show that there are, for example, 5 000 searches a month for their products, my question to the client would be, who do these leads go to?

The answer is that whomever of your competition is performing the best on the search engine results pages, walking away with all those prospective client leads.

Now the question you have to ask yourself is, do you want a share of this market and if so, how much?

Such is the state of the marketplace, your clients search online all the time and you should be there to meet them.

Digital Marketing Budgets

Source: The Digital Marketing Institute

Why you and most companies struggle to get started with effective digital marketing 

You simply do not know where to start, what do you do first and how do you compile a digital marketing strategy?

You do not have the right personnel and skills onboard to deploy effective campaigns and produce consistent results.

You do not know what your online market share or digital shelf space is.

You do not have a powerful online value proposition that encourages new and existing clients to engage with you online and stay loyal.

You have not defined your online buyer personas and developed a buyer’s journey across your digital assets.

You have not integrated your digital marketing into your traditional marketing and your sales processes.

There is an insufficient budget in place to optimise your results because the company management overall is not sold on the outcomes that digital marketing can provide.

You do not have the right personnel and skills onboard to deploy effective campaigns and produce consistent results.

Digital Marketing Skills

Source: Digital Marketer

Given all these requirements and stumbling blocks it really is not your fault if you are struggling to get off the ground with digital marketing profitability, perhaps it’s time to consider talking to a digital marketing consultant.

How a digital marketing consultant can help transform your business

Using a digital marketing consultant to help you get out of the starting blocks or to maximise your current digital marketing is often the most cost-effective way to go. They can act independently and will not force you to use their company services but most likely recommend that you use your current web design company and marketing agency or graphic designer.

The options provided by a digital marketing consultant will be a combination of 3 methods:

Show you what to do – work with you and your team to decide the best way forward and help outsource and implement on a monthly basis.

Show you how to do it – additionally, train and empower your team to do digital marketing so as to optimise your in-house skills and speed to market with new products and strategies.

Do it for you – provide the work needed and do specific campaign implementation that requires high-level technological and digital marketing skills.

The first thing that needs to be established is whether your business is suited for extensive and effective digital marketing, thus an evaluation needs to be done to determine whether your company has a high likelihood of doing online marketing profitably.

Digital marketing is by far the most profitable and measurable form of marketing available.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Source: The Digital Marketing Institute

A digital marketer (DM) will help you get started towards making online revenues much faster, even if you have no clue how to start, by implementing the right procedures to suit your business model.

An inbound game plan or digital marketing strategy will be established which will loop through the process of the SOSTAC method.

Situation analysis – where are we now?

Objectives – where do we want to be?

Strategy – how will we get there, segmentation, targeting and positioning?

Tactics – how exactly will we get there, the details of the strategy?

Actions – the details of the tactics, who does what, where and when?

Control – how do we monitor performance, web analytics and key performance indicators?

Digital Marketing Strategy

There is a specific way to go about it, which starts with defining your ideal client and their needs and ends with profitable outcomes for your company.

The next step would be to work together with your DM to establish your online market positioning, which includes building authority in your marketplace, authority builds trust and trust, leads to sales.

“Your DM will help you make money faster by identifying your most profitable marketing and online assets and utilising them to bring in the easiest income first.”

Your DM will assist you to upscale your business methods towards a full digital transformation of your business model if necessary and ensure you have the most efficient technology stack available to ensure seamless the progression of your website visitors, from prospect to client.

This will result in building a sales pipeline that is full and active and making sure your sales team are working on the best leads possible, which gives them the results they deserve and you need.

You will be able to plan better campaigns and bring new products to market much faster and more profitably.

They will make sure your customers find you via your website and mobile and ensure that your online presence is optimised so that your clients can take immediate action.

Digital marketing is a long term process and comprises many, many different implementations but personally, I start with the following five processes when working with a client:

  1. Look for quick wins using your existing assets by bringing in campaigns like my Facebook flash sale, 4-day cash machine and other methods
  2. Analyse the client’s website and overall web presence and to discover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  3. Get a starter lead generation campaign off the ground as soon as possible and start learning how to maximise your marketing success and profitability
  4. Do a full digital marketing strategy with them based on 3 months, 6 months and 12 months objectives and results
  5. Over time, I will assist the client to completely transform their company to a digital business model, where applicable



Leon Swartz

Leon Swartz is the CEO of FRONTPAGE Media and a professional Digital Marketer. He has been in the media industry since 1994, when he started his first publishing company. He is the publisher of over 150 business books, directories and consumer publications. During the past 12 years, Leon has established and proven himself in the fields of digital marketing, website strategy, lead generation, inbound marketing, product design, product positioning, branding, promotional marketing, creative concepts, copywriting and growth consulting. In addition, Leon has been the founder and CEO of various successful South African media businesses. Leon recently started a new web-based platform for South African digital marketers called

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