How To Use Lead Magnets In Your Online Lead Generation

Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet – Noun – An irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

Lead magnets and blog posts are the two most effective ways to generate traffic and attract even the coldest prospects into your sales funnel.

Use them as the basis for your Facebook and Google Adwords advertising campaigns.

Remember to keep them on topic and they need to have strong relation to what you intend to sell the prospective buyer.

You need lead magnets if you want convince people to not only give you their email address, but also drive them down your entire funnel.

This process will allow you to turn even the coldest, most skeptical leads into brand evangelists as well as helping you educate the most problem and product unaware people.

When used correctly and positioned as irresistible offer, lead magnets can literally triple your lead generation overnight.

Types of Lead Magnet.

There are many ways to offer lead magnets, here are some of the best ones and examples of how you would possibly title them..

The free report (short and concise) – Free report reveals how to maximise your home value

The cheatsheet or checklist (a one pager) – The 60 second longevity checklist

The resource list (a collection or best of compilation) – 101 Paleo Recipes

Trial – Try the first month for R10 only or 14 day free trial

Guides (typically a how to guide with a goal attached to it) – How to Dress for Success

Video training (effective for building authority) – Sell 10 cars today!

Email course (more traffic to your site more often) – Become a Photoshop Pro in 10 Lessons

Whitepapers (Use for B2B) – An authoritative report with information on a specific issue

The Role Of Lead Magnets In Your Buyer’s Journey.

Lead Magnets in Buyer's Journey

Pro tip: Use Google Docs for your document based lead magnets, it makes amazing PDF’s and is extremely user-friendly.

It also offers a built-in “table of contents” which jumps to topics and some good starter templates.

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