Inbound Marketing

How to get started with inbound marketing
(and why what you are doing right now isn't working) 

For many companies the challenge is not only to embrace Digital Marketing but to actually start working on a complete digital transformation of their business model.

    • If you are a marketer or entrepreneur, who has seen your company grow successfully to over R20M in sales per year, 

    • You have probably realised, the fastest way to double down on your quest for industry dominance is to ramp up your sales by creating a daily lead generation system.

    • You know your target market has gone digital and for B2B sales almost all transaction research and first-time contact with suppliers now originate via the Internet.

    • For the B2C sector in South Africa, online commerce is exploding, with a predicted 35% increase in online sales being forecast for 2018.

Inbound Marketing Methodology

Hi, I'm Leon. I head up the digital marketing strategy for FRONTPAGE Media and in this article, I am introducing the inbound marketing methodology for creating online leads and website driven sales assets.

Start off your digital marketing with a solid, workable  strategy that creates daily leads!

Buyer Personas

One of the key challenges is to ensure that the daily leads that are passed on to your sales team are in fact sales qualified leads (SQL’s) and not just marketing qualified leads (MLQ’s), in other words, the lead has been nurtured through a careful process and has reached the status of what the sales team would consider a “hot to close” prospect.

But where and how do you start with Inbound Marketing?

Perhaps you have even tried Google Adwords and Facebook advertising and the results have just not been good enough.

Or you may even have experienced good solid daily traffic to your website and it is just not converting to good sales leads.

Re-designing your website is not always the answer either.

New prospects seldom need to land on your website homepage to engage with your company, they should be taken straight to the pages and information they are looking for and from there engage with your company through your lead generation forms and irresistible offers.

Inbound Marketing is not a one man job.

If your current strategies are not working it is not your fault, it is because you do not have the right team of specialist looking after each and every aspect of your Inbound Marketing.

Do you have onboard expertise that can create world-class digital assets in the following fields?

Digital marketing strategy

Inbound marketing game plans

Developing your buyer persona’s

Plotting and analysing your buyer’s journey

Conversion funnels and customer value optimisation

Content marketing mastery

Paid traffic and customer acquisition mastery

Email marketing and list building

Social and community management

Search marketing

Marketing analytics and data science

Testing and conversion optimisation

If you do not have these skills onboard, you are unlikely to ever reach the kind of results that will take your company to market dominance in your industry category. Most companies don’t.

This is the reason why you may now finally be ready, to turn to an Inbound Marketing Agency to assist you with your digital marketing goals.

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Do You Want More Leads?

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At FRONTPAGE Media, we do the heavy lifting for you and keep the process as simple as possible for everyone in your organisation to understand

We assist in helping marketing and sales communicate what the best process of leads handover should be and build your campaigns from there (Smarketing).

We also understand that quick and effective results are what validates future budget allocations and thus endeavour to start of with driver campaigns that produce results at the outset, before moving on to builder campaigns that provide longer term sustainability and ongoing sales leads.

Let’s start with your current digital marketing assets and decide how to make them profitable, where possible.

To get started we will help you to:

  • Do a digital marketing assets assessment
  • Do an inbound marketing game plan
  • Decide which campaigns will make the biggest impact right away
  • Implement these sales driver campaigns
  • Test, measure, evaluate what works and discover new strategies all the time
  • Build your overall online marketing assets to be world-class and buyer centric through customer experience management implementations.
Inbound Marketing Game Plan

We have assisted many companies through the years to become very successful online, one of our clients Consolidated Performance Projects, received leads to the value of R42M in just their first campaign for their new steel warehouse construction business, another client, Oneserv had a R1M product and we helped them generate over R500M in product sales.

Our mantra is, to ensure your marketing profitability above all else.

We achieve this by adhering to the following set of guidelines:

Don’t over complicate matters

Provide campaign packages inline with our client’s budgets and expectations

Start with the launchpad items that produce the best results first

Ensure there are lead creation assets for each stage of your buyer’s journey

Can we provide 10X results - will you make 10X the amount of money you spend back in the 0 to 24 month period after our implementation?

FRONTPAGE Media - turning information into intelligence and intelligence into action.

Some of our valued clients

Just imagine your results  after 12 months of digital marketing experts continuously working towards your lead generation success :

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