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For companies that need sales leads quickly

  • Perhaps you are in a hurry. You have just launched a new product and it must get to market right now.

  • Or cold calling isn't working and your sales team need leads as soon as possible.

  • There is no time to redo your website and your figures are way below target, what to do?


Hi, I'm Leon. I head up the digital marketing strategy for FRONTPAGE Media and in this article, I am introducing you to our fast track lead generation campaign services.

The reason why companies fail is not cash flow, it is because they do not sell enough products, often enough, in large enough quantities and at the right price to stay in business.

There really is only one solution - keep your sales pipeline full!

Perhaps you have even tried online marketing and lead generation in the past and it did not work, a lot of our clients have.

The reason your digital marketing does not deliver the results it should, could be any one of a number of reasons:

  • You do not have content specific landing pages with forms and call to actions in place
  • You are providing your sales team with marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) and not sales qualified leads (SQL’s)
  • Your lead creation funnels are completely out of sync and not structured for optimal conversion efficiency
  • Your lead generation systems lack customer experience management throughout
  • You are not making the most out of the current sales data and marketing assets you have to work with
  • Not making your irresistible offers loud and clear and conversion friendly
  • There is no proper process in place to vet which leads you should or should not send to your sales team

No worries, we will sort this all out for you and align your product positioning to ensure each step of your buyer’s journey is correctly leveraged to take the prospective client through the awareness, consideration and decision-making stages of transacting with your company.

You might be sitting on a goldmine and looking in all the wrong places, in many cases, an opportunities audit of your marketing assets can reveal some immediate income generating gems.

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Lead Generation

do you currently have enough leads in your pipeline to keep your sales team happy?

The first thing we are going to do for you is, find out where the money lies.

It’s not one size fits all, we need to take an expert look at your marketing assets and get you started on the most viable income and sales producing lead generation systems first.

We have in total helped our clients generate sales in excess of a billion Rands worth of sales by applying the right campaigns to the right markets using the most effective lead nurturing processes available.

And no, it does not mean you have completely redo your website or change your current marketing software in order to get started. Wherever possible we work with what you already have and supercharge it. We will have your new lead generation systems optimised and running in a short space of time.

First we will uncover and identify the opportunities, followed by suggesting what strategies should be followed and at which budgets.

Then we will create your new online assets and start producing the first leads.

Thereafter, we continue to evaluate and improve on your results as well as build more assets where needed.

The best thing about digital marketing is that it is completely measurable, so you will always know what results your marketing spend is achieving over each campaign.

We will provide you with full profitability (based on your sales closing rate feedback) and campaign data reports throughout.

This allows you to precisely evaluate what is working and what's not and make sure every cent you spend is working at it’s hardest

Some of our valued clients

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Do You Want More Leads?

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Just imagine your results  after 12 months of digital marketing experts continuously working towards your lead generation success :

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