The Digital Buyer’s Journey

Zero Moment of Truth ZMOT

How a typical buyer’s journey progresses.

Google has named this search action the ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth).

When prospective clients are searching for your product, will they find you?

Inbound marketing is the science of ensuring your product arrives at the Zero Moment of Truth and then provides mechanisms for the purchase thereof.

Or it should create a sales funnel that brings the client onboard as a prospect and through ongoing online marketing or direct contact provides every possible opportunity for a sale.

Appearing first when your product is being researched is often called, winning the Zero Moment of Truth.
Looking at the ZMOT process in terms of a buying cycle or sales funnel, it looks as follows.

Digital Buyer's Journey

Prospective buyers can arrive at your website during any stage of the buyer’s journey.

Do not focus only on your products and services, prepare content and lead magnets for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Think in terms of their pains and problems and potential solutions thereto.

Leon Swartz

Leon Swartz is the CEO of FRONTPAGE Media and a professional Digital Marketer. He has been in the media industry since 1994, when he started his first publishing company. He is the publisher of over 150 business books, directories and consumer publications. During the past 12 years, Leon has established and proven himself in the fields of digital marketing, website strategy, lead generation, inbound marketing, product design, product positioning, branding, promotional marketing, creative concepts, copywriting and growth consulting. In addition, Leon has been the founder and CEO of various successful South African media businesses. Leon recently started a new web-based platform for South African digital marketers called