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FRONTPAGE Media is a Web Design Agency based in Fourways, Sandton, Gauteng. Our mission is to assist businesses in creating sustainable income generating and simply awesome looking websites.

There are several reasons for a company requiring a website design or a website redesign.

Most of our clients fall into one of the following 5 categories.

1. We are a new business and just need a starter website for clients to visit and see what we are about and what we offer. This is usually done at the same as creating a logo and printing some business cards just to launch the business.

2. We have been in business for some time now and need to explore what sales opportunities the Internet offers. Thus we need to redesign our current website.

3. We are a large corporate and need to adjust our online presence to suit our brand perception and start selling products over the Inernet

4. We need an Online Shop to sell our products

5. We need to generate leads and sales from our website every day and build our brand equity

Is your current website an online brochure or online sales machine?

In reality, all websites should be designed as per option 5, “we need to generate leads and sales from our website every day and build our brand equity

Why settle for anything less?

Your website needs to be an income producing asset, right from the start.

FRONTPAGE MEDIA are the specialist in coding, designing, implementing and strategising website solutions that provide recurring revenue streams.

Some of our success stories include:

We assisted a company called Oneserv, part of the Onesys Group (now Bridge) in selling more than R500million worth of product from leads provided via an Internet Campaign.

We helped www.cpprojects.co.za to launch a new steel factory structure product and they received quote request in excess of R52m in just their first month of launching their website and search marketing and social marketing campaign.

Today almost 6 years later they are still receiving daily quote request for these products, long after the initial campaign has ended.

The list goes on and on but the bottom line is, if your product can be profitably marketed on the Internet, FRONTPAGE Media will design a solution to suit your budget.

We will do an initial Digital Shelfspace audit of your product and if we find that it is well suited for Internet marketing and producing a profitable return on your investment with us, we will suggest a strategy to you.

If we don’t believe we can make a major impact on your sales figures, we will explain why and not take you on as a client.

We are proficient in all forms of web design including HTML, WordPress, Joomla, Virtuemart, Custom PHP coding and most other platforms.

Take the first step to maximizing your Internet brand equity and online sales conversion today, get in touch with FRONTPAGE Media, your web design partner in Sandton. Call us on 011 083 9500.

Images Of Our Recent Website Design Work​.