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Is your website your  
#1 marketing asset and your
#1 sales person?

If not, read on and discover how you can make this happen...

  • What if there was a whole new way of turning your website into your companies biggest marketing asset, that you never knew of?

  • And how amazing would it be if you could consistently rely on your website to bring in new sales qualified leads, day in and day out?  

  • All while creating more and more long term digital marketing assets that continue to create even more leads each and every month.
Growth Driven Design

Hi, I'm Leon. I head up the digital marketing strategy for FRONTPAGE Media and in this article, I am introducing the new Growth Driven Design method for creating online and website driven assets.

The reason why most companies Go Wrong: there is no ongoing Customer Experience Management!

The problem is that traditional website design processes simply do not work anymore.

Many companies are still using too much of an old school, set and forget approach to their website.

They simply build a new website and then do very little to build on it from there.

Simply adding the odd blog post, or an instruction from a company executive “here, I think you need to add this to our website” approach just wont bring in the sales.

Then 2 or 3 years later, the company realizes that their website now looks dated and it’s time for a re-design.

However, it’s not entirely the companies fault, their web design company should have stood by them and ensured that the website becomes a marketing asset.

In fact, your website design company should have from the outset provided you with an ongoing contingency plan to ensure that your website becomes your…

  • #1 Marketing Asset
  • #1 Sales Person

Well, traditional web design has changed, FRONTPAGE Media has discovered and mastered the secret to your ongoing profitable website success.

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So you can!

Provide your sales team with red hot, ready to convert deals, daily

Sell more products directly online

Effectively nurture new prospective customers from being marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) to being sales qualified leads (SQL’s)

Massively improve your brand exposure to all corners of the web

Successfully launch new products online

Become recognized as the go-to authority in your industry or niche

Dominate your market online

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How do you launch the Best possible Performing website? 

Growth-driven design is a process of continuous website design. It focuses on fusing marketing goals with website design and development, and it allows the marketer to test theories and run experiments to find out what actually works best for the customer.

​1. Strategy

The strategy phase of the GDD process is where we map out the complete future action plan for your digital marketing strategy and how your website fits into the process.

It also requires developing buyer personas, researching current/historical data, and developing the strategy/story of the homepage design.

Growth Driven Design Strategy

2. The Launch Pad Website

GDD starts with a shorter design period prior to launch date. After launch date, usability testing, A/B tests, and improvements are made over time. You are constantly improving the site based on data and feedback from people who are using it. 

User tracking (video & heat maps etc) allows us to devise the best lead generation tactics and create better visitor experiences based on what we learn.

We fast track the launch of your website to within 30 days (no more 3 to 4 month re-designs), you start with your most important and effective assets first. 

3. Continuous Improvement

The next 12 months turns your website into a resounding sales focused success and establishes your company as the authority in your industry. This happens because each month we build on the previous months results and we follow a carefully mapped sequence of improving your audience results, value, usability, conversion optimisation, stickiness, personalization, assets and building brand promoters. 

FRONTPAGE Media - turning information into intelligence and intelligence into action.

Just imagine your results  after 12 months of digital marketing experts continuously working towards your lead generation success :

Your #1 Marketing Asset + #1 Sales Person = Your Website

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